Friday, March 22, 2013

Weekend Adventures

Fridays bring dreams of past adventures.  We never know what mom has in store for us.  We know it is going to be exciting when we hear dad ask "now"?  Mom is spontaneous and dad is a planner but also a good sport.  Dad starts gathering up the leads and whatever else is needed.  Sometimes it is just a late night walk in the dark.  Sometimes we are scared and mom wants to know if dad brought  Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson.  We have yet to meet them.

Many times we like to listen to the Hoot Owls or Barred Owls as they hunt.  There are many of them that live in the trees around us. Mom especially likes to hear them chatter to their mate as they both come back to the same tree from their hunt. They mate for life and usually stay in the same area where they were hatched.  Most nights we hear them as we drift off to sleep.

Nina and Annabelle are on patrol the late nights we sit on the porch because mom says you never know what will come out of the woods.   

Hope you have a great weekend adventure!



  1. Sounds fun. Our moms a big planner and our dad isnt. We alwyas go for city walks on the weekends as due to moms work schedule we dont walk too much during the week. We used to go on walks in the woods but now the tick situation in spring and summer and fall here is beyond out of control. Even if we go in the woods with tick preventative and natural tick off spray we come home covered in ticks, though none attatch. Our last wood walk ended with a one hour tick removal session

    urban hounds

  2. Night walks sound like fun. Mom wants to get us one of those blinky lighted leashes so we can go out for walks at night.

    Bella & Sweet Pea