Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Punkin came to live with us on Super Bowl Sunday, February 3, 2013. Her sister Paris came to us last September so when Punkin needed to be rehomed we were contacted once again.  This was a big decision for us due to the fact that we had decided "no more".  After much thought Punkin came to live with us too.

Just like Paris, Punkin was well trained, sociable, and a pure delight. It took no time at all for Punkin to fall into our routine.  The great thing is that everyone gets along and they always make us laugh.

We know it was a good decision when our cat, China Girl approved!


  1. She looks right at home. At one point we had 6 dogs but have decided no more then five now, the 6th was a foster we kept. We also have 3 cats and in the future I think we will have 1 cat and also smaller dogs. The city isnt really a problem for us since other then Norbert we have lower energy breeds who are very happy with long walks in the park and games in the house, BUT the expense is an issue. With the high quality kibble and treats and every 6 months vet visits and toys we spend the vast majority of our income on our dogs and I worry that as we have a high mortgage we would not be able to afford another. I stilly say big families are the best though

    urban hounds

  2. Welcome Punkin!

    Stop on by for a visit