Monday, March 25, 2013

Rain! Rain! Rain!

What do you do with a house full of fur babies and it is raining outside? Saturday did not start out well with pushing and pulling everyone to the door to go outside and take care of morning business.  Have you ever noticed when it is time to go out for a potty break the downpour is the heaviest?  In less than 10 minutes we were all soaked through and through and I really needed a warm cup of coffee!

Miraculously in the afternoon the rain stopped for what we thought was going to be a few minutes. The sun peaked out from a dark cloud and we saw a little piece of blue sky.So we threw down a bale hay and the fun began!

Annabelle loved grabbing mouthfuls of hay and tossing it around.

 Watch out Myshka!

The rest afternoon everyone laid in the hay enjoying the sun.

Myshka can tell time and quickly reminded us that it was time for dinner.  She is very vocal about it too. We wanted a peaceful quiet evening so everyone was fed and quickly settled in for naps. Thanks to dad they were all tired after frolicking in the hay!


  1. Too bad about the rain,but that hay party looks fun

    urban hounds

  2. Nothing like a good romp in the hay. In that first photo it looks like Annabelle laid a red egg. hahha