Monday, March 11, 2013

Is it Monday Again?

Good Morning!  This is Myshka, you may have forgotten me by now. We are still here and trying to start the week with an early morning walk in the dark.

We acquired a new family member and her name is Paris.  Paris lived in an apartment in the city and could not enjoy the thrill of chasing squirrels and deer.  Her family made a heartbreaking decision to find her a new home and she came to live with us last September. You would never know that she was a newbie.  

This is Paris.

Paris and Betsy have become BFFs.  They love sleeping in on Monday mornings.

They just can't seem to "spring forward" today!


  1. Very cute new friend she does look happy. I am surprised there where no squirrels in the city though, when we lived in Manhattan we found quite a few in Central Park! I remember I took Norbert to hte country when he was about two and I was so excited thinking he would absolutely adore it, but he is a city boy, more so then me. He seemed nervous. He didnt want to wade in the water and while he liked walks in the woods he seemed to prefer the park. When we got back to Manhattan he tried to get in the first cab he saw, he loves riding in cars. Then when we moved to Jersey I tried taking them on lots of hikes in the woods and they loved it and so did I but the ticks are such a nighmare Ive cut back, the last walk we took in the woods even though they are on tick prevenative they were absolutely swarming with ticks It took us an hour to get them off (though none atatched). Its nice to see you again!

    urban hounds

  2. I'm having a little trouble springing forward too. Paris is a cutie.