Monday, January 30, 2012

Warm Weather Danger

Unseasonably warm temperatures and sunny days put us on patrol for venomous snakes that are native to our area.  The canebrake bite is a DOA for any of our precious girls. One of the girls would probably survive the copperhead bite, however getting over the poisoning and wound care wound take some time.  The year before last, I lost count of the copperheads in our drive and yard.  No matter what I put in the yard as a deterrent, the copperheads kept coming.  I got in touch with an expert who asked many questions about the property and our nightly habits. I learned that keeping outside lights on every night draws insects which in turn brings frogs - the copperheads' dinner! We had thousands of frogs. Copperheads also love the crowded shrubbery habitat around the  steps and porch.    The canebrake loves to have grey squirrel for dinner!!!!

Needless to say, when these slithering native beings take up residence in my yard they end up on my tanning board. The non-poisonous snakes are left alone.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Twisted Yoga

Some of our Saturday mornings start with twists and turns. Mom starts hers with  Sun Salutations.

Mom, is this a good Downward Dog pose?

Sasha, that looks like wrestling and does not resemble yoga.  Myshka can you breathe?

We love Saturdays!

Friday, January 27, 2012

To Tubby, Ping, and Dr. Zira

We want our friends at Urban Hounds to guess what we saw in town!

Ping, Tubby, and Dr. Zira we saw something that you would like very much.

Look, we saw a cute pug out on his afternoon walk.

Isn't he adorable? We thought he might be your cousin or relative.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Watchers

We are serious Watchers, looking at everything, especially peering out of the door into the dark.

I am Sasha the Fearless.

I beg to sit on the porch every night and stare into the dark.

We prefer to watch from the door.

Don't leave us on the porch alone!

I am China Girl the Mighty One.

I prefer to watch from a high spot. The dogs may bark but I cat scream my warnings, especially if someone strange enters the house.

I am Lily, I watch everyone and every dog.

Mom says my bark is like a wind up toy that has been wound too tight. Once you let go of the key the toy goes crazy - that is me.

Some of us do all of the work while the others lay around.  I think you know who they are, right?

Monday, January 23, 2012

How We Spent Our Sunday

Sunday was cloudy, wet and cold.  We want to know what happened to that sunny warm forecast.  Mom says she can forecast the weather better than our local weathermen. Our hike was cancelled and we took long naps while the humans watched movies.

Mom says she would like to spend her Monday like this too!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Midnight Walks

Tonight was special, we had a midnight walk with mom.  The air was heavy and thick with fog. There were no street lights , only blackness and the light from mom's flashlight. Sniffing all the scents on the air made us growl and the hair on our backs stand up. Poor Betsy was scared and tried to head back to the house.  There were no eyes reflecting the light from Mom's flashlight but we could smell the wild things.

We made sure nothing followed us to the house.

Myshka said she practiced her ferocious face and would scare those wild things back to the woods.

We promised mom that we would sleep-in Sunday morning and not get her up early.

Hope your Sunday is relaxing and peaceful.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


This week Charleston and South Carolina have been busy with the Republican Primary.  We love Charleston and enjoy our home in rural Charleston County.

Last weekend riding through town we snapped photos of places that held special memories for us.

This is Cannon Park on Rutledge Avenue, the former home of the old Charleston Museum from 1907 to 1980. The Charleston Museum , founded in 1773, is considered the oldest in the United States. After the museum relocated to it present location on Meeting Street, the old building burned down leaving the columns and steps.   Generations of native Charlestonians spent hours in the old museum during school trips with their classmates.  I recall the giant whale skeleton that hung from the ceiling near the entrance. As a child this  museum was huge and I feared getting lost down one of the halls and in one of the many rooms.
Cannon Park is an open "off leash" dog park. No fence.  Our girls will never get to play off leash here because they are still learning verbal commands and the importance of listening to mom.

Verbal commands? What are verbal commands?

Verbal commands are not in my vocabulary.

This is St. Philips Episcopal Church (founded in 1680) on Church Street where my darling Jim is a member. Long ago, Jim's parents were married here and Jim was Christened as an infant on Christmas Day. This church is very special to Jim and me.

The weather forecast for Charleston today is similar to a spring day.  Sunny with temperatures in the mid 70's.  We are out and about enjoying the day.  Hope you have a great Saturday!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sick Leave

Mom and Dad have been sick with a flu like illness over the holidays.  Mom got really sick before Christmas with a sore throat, high fever, chills and fatigue.  With two rounds of antibiotics and rest she pulled through.  Dad, the girls and I nursed her around the clock.  We were worried because she had a terrible lingering cough.  Dad thought it sounded like whooping cough or pertussis.

Dad would not let us in the room with Mom because she had to rest. We stood behind the gate hoping she would let us come in the bedroom.

We watched over Mom every day until she was better and felt like getting out of bed.  We really missed our long walks and adventures.

We were jealous of India because she kept mom company while mom was sick.

Next, Dad got sick and Mom was better but not 100%.  I put myself in charge of nursing the humans and barking orders at the girls.

Nina helped but she does not follow orders. Most of the time she barked at me.

Mom and Dad are finally better after passing this flu like bug back and forth a time or two.  

Next, a dear family member ended up in the hospital with triple bypass surgery.  What was thought to be a simple case of indigestion was a very serious sign of a blockage to the heart. Mom worries because how do you know if you have indigestion or something wrong with your heart.

We are better now and enjoying our unseasonably warm temperatures.  I guess we will have to dream of snow.

Hooray for another Friday!