Friday, January 20, 2012

Sick Leave

Mom and Dad have been sick with a flu like illness over the holidays.  Mom got really sick before Christmas with a sore throat, high fever, chills and fatigue.  With two rounds of antibiotics and rest she pulled through.  Dad, the girls and I nursed her around the clock.  We were worried because she had a terrible lingering cough.  Dad thought it sounded like whooping cough or pertussis.

Dad would not let us in the room with Mom because she had to rest. We stood behind the gate hoping she would let us come in the bedroom.

We watched over Mom every day until she was better and felt like getting out of bed.  We really missed our long walks and adventures.

We were jealous of India because she kept mom company while mom was sick.

Next, Dad got sick and Mom was better but not 100%.  I put myself in charge of nursing the humans and barking orders at the girls.

Nina helped but she does not follow orders. Most of the time she barked at me.

Mom and Dad are finally better after passing this flu like bug back and forth a time or two.  

Next, a dear family member ended up in the hospital with triple bypass surgery.  What was thought to be a simple case of indigestion was a very serious sign of a blockage to the heart. Mom worries because how do you know if you have indigestion or something wrong with your heart.

We are better now and enjoying our unseasonably warm temperatures.  I guess we will have to dream of snow.

Hooray for another Friday!


  1. Sounds like your Momma and Dad have had a rough time! I'm glad everyone is on the mend. Thank goodness they had you guys to take care of them and give them lovins!

  2. Glad your Mom and Dad are feeling better! It must have been all the good nursing care you gave them.

  3. We're certainly glad to hear your humans ore on the mend! Being sick is no excuse for not taking long adventurous walks, but what are ya gonna do? We are positive your Sibe Vibes through the bars helped heal her. Keep up the good work!

    jack & moo