Sunday, January 22, 2012

Midnight Walks

Tonight was special, we had a midnight walk with mom.  The air was heavy and thick with fog. There were no street lights , only blackness and the light from mom's flashlight. Sniffing all the scents on the air made us growl and the hair on our backs stand up. Poor Betsy was scared and tried to head back to the house.  There were no eyes reflecting the light from Mom's flashlight but we could smell the wild things.

We made sure nothing followed us to the house.

Myshka said she practiced her ferocious face and would scare those wild things back to the woods.

We promised mom that we would sleep-in Sunday morning and not get her up early.

Hope your Sunday is relaxing and peaceful.


  1. I hope you slept in for your Momma!

  2. Woooo mates! We love midnight walkies! Have a peaceful Sunday!

    RA, Isis & Nanuk

  3. Those midnight walks are the best ever. Except for when you think you are being followed by monsters.....or when you are waiting for something or someone who is hiding behind a bush, waiting to attack you and drag you into the gutter

    I think I like daytime walks better. Yep, I think I would rather walk in the day even if it is blowing hard, raining hard, or snowing really hard.

  4. Wow a midnight walk that must be very exciting

  5. Late walks and sleeping in...both great moments. : )

  6. Midnight walks? Wow! We've never tried that before, we've only taken 5am walks! :))
    Have a great zzz!!
    Enjoy your day!