Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Watchers

We are serious Watchers, looking at everything, especially peering out of the door into the dark.

I am Sasha the Fearless.

I beg to sit on the porch every night and stare into the dark.

We prefer to watch from the door.

Don't leave us on the porch alone!

I am China Girl the Mighty One.

I prefer to watch from a high spot. The dogs may bark but I cat scream my warnings, especially if someone strange enters the house.

I am Lily, I watch everyone and every dog.

Mom says my bark is like a wind up toy that has been wound too tight. Once you let go of the key the toy goes crazy - that is me.

Some of us do all of the work while the others lay around.  I think you know who they are, right?


  1. I love to keep watch! But I do so very, very quietly!
    Play bows,

  2. Oh we know who they are! LOL! I love Lily the "wind up toy"!

  3. With such vigilant animals your humans must feel very safe!

  4. My four watchers all watch the kitchen...

    Stop on by for a visit