Monday, December 19, 2011

Myshka's Christmas List

Dear Santa,

This is Myshka and mom said I have to write you so my Christmas goodies will appear under the tree.  

I tried to be very good this year.  The few naughty things I did were not really my fault.  You see Santa,  I love ice cream and mom said I could not have any ice cream.  I sat and watched mom put many scoops of creamy vanilla in a bowl for dad.  Mom walked away for what seemed an eternity.  I really didn't think she would notice if I had one small lick.  It was so good that I have to have another.  The second lick brought the bowl off of the counter and onto the floor.  That is when mom appeared and lets just say she was not happy.  She wouldn't even let me help her clean the floor.

The second naughty was not my fault either Santa.  I love to ride with Dad in the jeep.  Dad said I couldn't go this time and he would be back shortly.  Well, I don't know what happened.  Something possessed my Myshka body and I went into Dad's closet and pulled out his favorite shirt - the infamous Beach Boy shirt.  This thing that jumped into my Myshka body ate the shirt - shredded the shirt.  Dad was so happy to see me when he came home until he saw the Beach Boy shirt.  He mumbled something about a Reyn Spooner genuine Beach Boy shirt.  Dad looked at me and said that if he didn't love me so much that I might have to find another home.  I had to go to time out for what seemed like another eternity.

I promise Santa, that is all of the naughty doggy things, otherwise I have been very good. So that being said, here is my list.

1. One huge antler to chew
2. A big new doggy bed
3. Venison snacks
4. A new squeaky toy

Thanks Santa!  
Love you,


  1. All of those things are very very understandable. Santa will get it. One year Norbert ate not one, but two couches, the x files figurines that had been at the top of mom and dads wedding cake, and a whole set of moms X files DVDs (she was more upset about the DVDS), and Santa still came! You are safe.

  2. Oh, you were just helping mommy keeping the extra kilos off before Christmas and helping your daddy with spring cleaning his closet. :-) How about adding a tub of vanilla ice cream and a beach boy shirt to your wish list?

  3. Oh, Myshka...we can relate! We have lots more than two naughty doggy moments. We hope Santa Paws wasn't watching too closely or our stockings will be empty!

    Lightning and Thumper

  4. Beach boy shirt? I don't think that was an accident Myshka. I think Santa will still be good to you!

  5. If it's not too late to add a PS, just remind Santa that you're a Siberian Husky. He'll understand EVERYTHING else and put you on the "good" list for sure!
    Play bows

  6. You've practically been an angel! I don't know how Santa can resist!


  7. Sounds like a reasonable list to me

    Stop on by for a visit

  8. Acting like a Siberian is NOT classified as misbehaving, so woo don't need to worry.... nice list!

    Merry Christmas,
    jack & moo

    PS- maybe Santa will bring your dad a new Beach Boys shirt, if he's been good this year, too!

  9. Wish yr Christmas wishes came true!! We all
    Had our naughty times! Yrs sound so much fun!
    Love the ice cream part I would have done the same!!

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