Sunday, December 4, 2011

$2000 Crochet and Knitting Thread

This is India and she lived here before all of her canine sisters.

India and China keep us quite entertained. China never gets into anything that she is not supposed to while India is always in trouble.

A little over a year ago, India stopped eating, would not drink water, and would not move. After 24 hours of not eating I knew something was wrong with her.
She stayed in this position.

After several days of force feeding her and making many trips to the vet, there was no other choice but to open her stomach and intestines.  The assumption was she must have ingested something that was causing a blockage. Day by day she was getting worse so we had no other choice.   The vet called after surgery to tell me  India was in recovery and resting comfortably.  She had eaten many feet of my crochet thread!!!!  This thread had wrapped around the very back of her tongue,  twisted around stomach tissues and was caught in her intestines. She would have died without the surgery. To this day I don't know how she got this thread and ate it.  She was very sick for days after surgery. She had to be kept sedated and quiet in order for stomach and intestinal stitches to hold and heal.  Of course there was always the possibility of infection setting in too. She made it!

  To this day, India puts everything she comes in contact with into her mouth.  I have to constantly watch her, ensure everything that could harm her is put away. She will eat paper, fuzz, anything that is on the floor.  

This is some of India's $2000 crochet thread.

Remember you never know what your fur babies will decide to eat that will cause sickness or death.


  1. Oh, no!!!! What a great reminder that you can never trust ANY of us! What am I saying? That was MOM, not me!!!
    We're very thankful India is OK!!!
    Play bows,

  2. Oh my God--that must have been so stressful! I'm so glad she got all fixed up. Crazy how our critters are tempted by such wacky indigestible things!