Thursday, March 21, 2013

Looking Back to September 2012

Paris came to our house on Friday, September 28, 2012.  She was scared and nervous, and didn't know what was expected of her. I often wonder what goes on in the mind of a newly re-homed dog. What do they feel? Before Paris was welcomed by our girls she had time to get familiar with the outside surroundings.   Squirrel smells around the trees really attracted her. She would sit and stare up into the tree for what seemed like an eternity.

After the meet and greet on a one to one basis and playing chase it appeared that everyone would get along. Paris followed Phoebe and Lily everywhere as if she knew that she was a terrier.

The following afternoon, Paris seemed to be comfortable on her own. She was so sweet and wanted to be in the same room with us.

Paris' favorite thing while indoors was to stare out of the window. She still loves to sit in a window as you never know who or what will come. We have learned to make sure all shutters and curtains are open or they will have to be replaced.

Usually its deer, many deer! There are no flowering plants or shrubs to attract them but yet they come. The strangest thing is that the deer know the dogs are at the door or in the window but they don't run. Somehow the deer  sense they are safe. On rare occasions we see a fox and rabbits. Our nocturnal visitors are raccoons and opossums. We are told by the DNR that coyotes are here too but we have not seen them. Paris enjoys the entertainment. Punkin, her sister, came to live here last month and she just trembles with excitement. Actually, our girls look for the wildlife every day. The snakes and wild feral dogs are our main concerns.


  1. Looks like she fits right in

    urban hounds

  2. Eeeek snakes and coyotes. Yikes. Hope you don't see any.

    Glad she's enjoying her new home.

    Bella & Sweet Pea