Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday Evening

Mom feels guilty when she and dad run errands  and we have to stay home. She might feel very guilty today because she went to an antique show and sale. That's okay because we get to go on those fun evening walks through the woods.

It was light when we started the walk, however dark came upon us rather quickly.

Hang on Dad!
Our cat (lower right side of photo) will always walk the two miles with us.

Hey Mom are you back there?

On the way home dark catches up with us.

Finally home!

Patiently waiting for Dad to take the Sibes inside, unleash them and give them water before he helps mom get the rest of us inside.

With a little cold snap this weekend we were not too worried about those poisonous snakes.  Sadly to say this will probably be our last walk in the woods  until next winter after hunting season is over. Temperatures will get to warm this week and next month is turkey season.

I am sure mom will take us on extra adventures Sunday.


  1. Dang!

    Your walks are pawesome!

    Khan I PLEASE khome along?!?

    PeeEssWoo: Did the KHATS insist on the nastie wordie thing?

  2. That's too bad that you'll have no more walks in the woods until next winter after hunting season. :( It looks like a great place for your walks. I had to laugh at the cat going the whole way with you. That's so cute!

  3. How neat that the cat traveled with you. Your mom shouldnt feel guilty she is a great mom! Our mom feels non-stop guilty about a lot of things: working, living in the city, not having a bigger yard for us. We are all very happy though. Dad never feels guilty and as a result he has more fun!

  4. What a nice walk! I feel guilty too - I always think "this is fun, but the poor boys...". We are true doggie people, aren't we?


  5. What a great walk and so much fun !