Friday, February 24, 2012

Ruff Wear

Our package arrived and we now have three more of the  Knot - a - Leash dog leads.

I like the Ruff Wear Knot-a- Leash because it is strong and rugged. The locking carabiner clip ensures the occasional escape will not happen.The traditional clip on most leashes will on occasion allow the collar ring to slip right through and we have an AWOL dog on the run. Nina has used one for almost 2 years and it has held up well and still looks great.  

Another feature that I love is the thick handle that I can hold securely in my hand.  I stopped using the flat traditional leads when I almost had my ring finger detached from my hand after the flat cord wrapped around the finger when one of the girls decided to chase a deer. 

The handle is padded and thick.  This will not wrap around my fingers.

Myshka wanted to be our model today so here here she is modeling one of our new leads.



  1. Those look very interesting! Mom makes our leashes - we should have her try it with a carabiner clip!
    Oh... and one of our great sisters did a real number on Mom's pinky the same way. Look up bone evulsion fracture. Oops.
    Play bows,

  2. Those do look like great leashes. The one I have from Timberwolf is similar, also thick--and has a  "traffic handle" for holding those little pullers up close.

  3. They do look like great leashes! They look nice and thick and sturdy!

  4. Re: the finger. Yes, it took a long, long time to heal! I tried to ignore it for a month, then couldn't handle it any more. A well-meaning medic thought it was dislocated and attempted to put it back in the socket. To say that act caused a bit of pain would be a gross understatement. I urged him to do some x-rays (which he did) and got a call the next morning that the orthopedic surgeon wanted to see me asap. The bottom line was immobilization for a month, then a lot of occupational therapy. At least I avoided surgery. :) KZK

  5. That leash looks great! Thanks for your comment about our car, we think we have the hairiest car on earth. People go nuts when they see and my husbands family is always telling us to have it cleaned but we don't see the point. Its really just a taxi for our dogs anyway. Oh and sadly, no Kuvasv in my stamp book

  6. Those are great looking leashes! Ditto on having body parts about ripped off by enthusiastic huskies... my poor babies aren't going to get any walks from me till my hand surgery heals up. Rough life, huh?

    Pat, mom of
    jack & moo

  7. We have those leashes too. Mom got them right before she broke her arm and hasn't even tried them yet. She forgot about them after a few months of not being able to walk us. Now you reminded her. She is going to try them this weekend if we get time for some walks. Good to hear the great endorsement.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Bad leashes are a pain, aren't they? We've got a few that have been designated as dog washing leashes - they are too uncomfortable to walk with but we hate to just throw them out!


  9. Look out Dog Fancy I think Myshka is your next cover dog.