Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sam and Monty

Hi Sam and Monty!  This is Myshka and Nina here.

We have been thinking about your goat Whiskey and wanted to show you who lives around the corner from us. 

We don't know his name but he has a lot of family.

They even have their own motel!

I am not sure if we would be welcome but their motel is close by if we need it!


  1. A goat motel how cute!

    Definitely get the anti bloat surgery. When Norbert was a pup, 9 years ago, that surgery was very uncommon (plus he was neutered at the shelter prior then coming to our home). I may get a clumber spaniel or bull mastiff in the future and I plan to look into gastroplexy for them. Bloat is terrifying and the vet I dealt with at the animal medical center said there really is no way to prevent it

  2. A goat motel? How cool is that? I hope you get to visit there. It sounds like fun!


  3. Those goats made me smile! You have some pretty cool neighbors!
    Play bows,

  4. Woooo mates! Goats are fun- we've got a couple goat neighbors too! Play bows,


  5. What a surprise! Thanks for thinking of us! Mom has been rather sad about losing her Whiskey, but your post has helped to cheer her up tremendously! She's decided to wait to get another goat for a while, but really likes the goat motel!


  6. Wow--I want to stay in that motel! Goats are so friendly and personable as dogs. I want one!