Sunday, November 27, 2011

Reflections of Past Holidays and Turbo

Mom was thinking of holidays past, granddaughters, and granddogs. This is Turbo and he is mom's granddog, so I guess that makes us his aunties. Turbo lives in Alabama and he is an AUBURN fan. (Go Tigers/War Eagles!)

Turbo is kind and patient considering he went from being the baby to sharing his home with two precious little girls.

Turbo's dad took him to be groomed one day and he came home looking like a lion.
Turbo was the talk of the neighborhood!

Turbo always wanted in the pool so this made towel drying a breeze!


  1. Cool haircut! Lightning gets a Lion mane in the winter....we'll have to post a pic! We were Auburn fans too last weekend! We normally pull for those purple-and-gold Tigers, but mom told us we had to cheer for Auburn to beat Alabama. We're not sure why....we don't care who wins...we just like watching the ball.

    Thumper and Lightning