Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Guardian

Nina, please play with us.
She is too busy working.
Nina is our guardian, always working, always herding and defending her little pack. She has strong protective instincts and can be very territorial with outsiders.

Thank you Nina for all of your hard work.


  1. How lovely that Nina looks out for everyone

  2. Looks like Nina is doing a wonderful job--I'd feel safe with her around!

  3. Way to guard the pack, Nina!
    PLay bows,
    PS: Yes, it was VERY frosty and crisp out there this morning! It was so heavy in some places, it looked like snow! ha rooooo!

  4. We just popped over from Dave and Zim to meet you and to think the first time we see you we meet that beautiful Nina, the protector of your clan.

    We had a Nina but her hame was Syra and she was our protector only she passed away. She looks so much like Nina it took our breath away.

    Nice to meet you.

    Bert and My Vickie