Friday, September 30, 2011


Mom taught us OMG and OOOH NOOO last Saturday morning. She kept repeating them so naturally we thought it was a training session.  The lesson started when we all piled into mom's car to go to our vet appointment.  Dad was driving and he always uses the mirrors to back down the drive.  Well something happened to those mirrors and they did not work because he backed mom's car into his.  That is when our lesson started for new words, particularly OMG and OOOH NOOO.  Now we know when Mom says those words she is probably upset.

This is what the passenger side of mom's car is supposed to look like under ordinary conditions.

This is what is looks like after dad's mirrors failed.

 So dad, where is the black fender that fits over the tire?

I don't think this part of dad's front bumper is supposed to curl.

Dad, I think you are going to have to replace this.

We think OMG and OOOH NOOO means dad might need a doghouse.

Saturday night the washing machine died so after another round of OMG and OOOH NOOO we assumed dad must have had an accident in the laundry room.  Sunday dad made it better by buying mom another machine and promising to get the jeep repaired this week.

We helped dad load the old washing machine on the trailer to carry to the recycling center while mom had some much needed quiet time.

Mom says next weekend will be better. We are looking forward to another vocabulary lesson.

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