Monday, September 12, 2011

Meeshka's World

Last night Mom was watching the Sunday, June 5, 2011 - Orders From the Queen video posted on Meeshka's World blog when she noticed Myshka and Sasha jumped up from their naps.  They were absolutely mesmerized by this video.

I think they understood what was said on the video.  Their reaction was amazing!


  1. Well hello there, girrls! We just noticed your mom is following our blog & came over to see who woo are. What a nice surprise to find 2 beawootiful Sibes & their fursibs! Looks like maybe woo are new to blogging? Welcome! (Woo may have noticed we're linked to a whole lotta Siberians!)

    Looking furward to getting to know woo,
    jack & moo, the cybersibes

    PS - Meeshka's World is one of our favorites too, she's how we got into blogging!

  2. (PS to our previous post: went to your profile- sorry we thought woo were new- we see you've been blogging for a year - glad to finally meet you!