Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Myshka!!

Yesterday was my 2nd birthday.  Mom made me wear the "Birthday Hat".  Dad said I would not wear it, however I knew mom would reward me.  So Happy Birthday to me.

Hey Mom, I am starving.  I don't think I can hold this pose a minute more.  

OMG! OMG! This is to die for, juicy tender bites of steak, venison steak!  By the way, Mom taught me OMG over the weekend.  That was all she kept saying over and over Saturday morning.  Look below for that story.

Hmm, this is the best birthday treat ever.

Birthdays are great, even if you do have to wear a hat.


  1. wow, that looks like an incredible birthday treat!

    The hat looks great--why wouldn't a gorgeous dog like you want to be adorned?

    Happy birthday!

  2. SO impressed she kept the hat on! Happy Birthday, Myshka!

  3. Happy Birthday Myshka! We're furry impressed with your dinner, but the hat... not so much. Hope woo had a hapoy day, sweetheart!

    jack & moo